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Meet the Characters fromthe Vroom-Town Series of Children’s Books.

Vabis the Scania Truck
Vabis is a wonderful Scania truck. He has lots of cool technology and is very clever. He is also very popular because he is caring and friendly. Vabis got his name from the origins of Scania, the global truck and bus manufacturer. It used to be called Scania-Vabis, but the Vabis name was dropped in 1968. I thought it would be a nice 'nod' to the history of  Scania! Vabis is now excited to spend time with his friends in Vroom-Town.

VABIS rgb - correct aerial for web



Tang Arnold
Tang Arnold O'Truckass is a large American truck. He is known as TA or Tang Arnold. He has large monster wheels, stacks and looks very different to what the trucks in Vroom-Town are used to! However he is a very friendly truck with big wheels and a big heart! Though he takes no nonsense and is very capable of defending himself should the need arise. He also loves company and meeting new friends          



     Tang Arnold-01



Daisy is a strong, feisty, quite opinionated truck! If she sees something wrong, she is never scared to speak out. She always tries to do the right thing and is very fair. Daisy is also quite funny and is very popular in Vroom-Town.  


Terrible Terry:

Terrible Terry was given his name by the other trucks in Bill Byrne’s yard. As you can guess it was because of the terrible things he did. He is mean to the other trucks in the yard and always tries to cause chaos wherever he goes! Terry really is a terrible truck!




Sparkle is Screech's cousin and best friend. She is kind, loves a giggle and is very, very clever! All of the other trucks love her! She is the 'girl power' in Vroom-Town!



Trevor the Tractor Unit:

Trevor has lots of friends in Vroom-Town and is well-liked in Bill Byrne’s yard. He is a very hard worker but enjoys having lots of fun too! He really loves living and working there.


Trevor the Tractor Unit

Fergus the Ferry:

Fergus spends most of his time out at sea – transporting trucks from different countries . He enjoys meeting lots of different nationalities and lots of different type of trucks and machinery. Fergus is very friendly and bubbly. He always has a ‘Toot Toot!’ for all of his friends!


Fergus The Ferry


Mean piece of machinery who causes mischief wherever he goes! He can be cruel to others and enjoys making fun of everyone. BullyDozer loves the fact that all of the trucks are scared of him. He lives in Quentin's Quarry.




Little pick-up truck. Given the name because his brakes always make a screeching sound no matter what mechanics do to try to repair them! Fun loving. Screech always wanted to be a bigger truck. He loves hanging around with his truck triends and helping out. Everyone loves Screech!





Tim the Tipper:

Well-respected member of the fleet. The unofficial Leader of Bill Byrne's yard. All of the trucks look up to him. He never panics in a crisis and is a calming influence.







Theo the Tipper:

An older member of the team but with a solid personality. He has been living in the yard for years. Quiet truck but very hard-working.






Nozzle - Noz for short:

Nozzle is an extraordinary character – if you have a mechanical problem or need a top-up of diesel, he has all the tools and bits and bobs to help! He is technically minded and loves helping everybody. He makes sure everyone is in tip-top condition!




Quarry Owner. Solid member of the community.



Bill Byrne:

Owner of the truck yard. Kind-hearted, hard-working gentleman. Very well-respected by all of the trucks (well most of them!)



Craig the Crusher:

Gentle Soul. His main job is to crush big boulders in Quentin's Quarry.





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